E-commerce is a phenomena that has touched everyone’s way of life and revolutionised the supply chain to be faster, accurate and broad spectrum. As we enjoy these comforts, lets try to ensure it’s carried out in a sustainable fashion. 

Sustainability is defined as “a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged”.  The biggest challenge to sustainability from ecommerce is transportation and packaging. A great step we could take is to necessitate recycling and better disposal of waste. 

The team at EarthBased were trying to think through our processes thoroughly, wondering how we could help you achieve your carbon negative or neutral goals and found these amazing organisations that have been doing scientific, impactful work in waste management. We are listing them below, if you are close to them, we hope you use their service. 

We must acknowledge the fact that all our customers have become increasingly aware of the cost of their decision to opt for super fast deliveries and other similar trends. We recognize your passion for the environment and appreciate choosing the greener option with us or anybody.

Contact LocationApp AvailableHome Pick upInstanty PaymentAll MaterialsOne Liner
ScrapQ9030727277HYDYesYesYesYesScrap Q is a Hyderabad based waste collecting unit that pays you for your waste instantly and recycles responsibly. You can book them over a missed call, message or on their app.
Crap Bin7799996096HYDYesYesYesNACrap bin is a Hyderabad based waste collecting unit to whom you can sell or donate scrap. They also sell upcycled products on their website.
Bintix9100053222 DL/MUM/HYD/CHE/KOL/BLOREYes Yes Unclear Yes Bintix is a multi city operating waste collecting unit that utilizes the traditional rag picking community and most up to date technology for recycling. Their vision is to have zero landfills.
Vital Waste033 66064288 KOL NAYes Unclear Yes Vital Waste is a Kolkata based waste collecting unit that focuses on eco-friendly methods of waste collection and recycling by their re-engineered logistics expertise.
Saahas Zero Waste9513111719 BLORE NA Drop off at their centres No Yes Saahas is a Bangalore based waste management service with 17 years of experience who have perfected their system with data and technology driven processes ensuring transparency. They provides provide end-to-end waste management services to households, communities and industries.