Plastic Straws Suck!

But we don’t need them!!

Do you know that India has banned the manufacture, sale and use of single-use plastic items like plates, cups, straws, trays and polystyrene from July 1, 2022? 

Despite the ban, they are still extensively used by coconut water vendors to café owners, popular fruit juice companies to careless consumers. Companies like IKEA, Starbucks and McDonald stopped using plastic straws but the idea has still not permeated into the minds of the general public across the world. We use so much plastic that according to a study, we send a shocking 12 million metric tons of plastic into the ocean each year!

Though research reveals that considerable reduction in the sale and use of straws has not really made any impact on the amount of plastic debris in the oceans and on land, according to Lonely Whale, an organization that led the straw ban movement in the USA, their campaign is more of a wake-up call for everyone to reduce the general use of single-use plastic in our lives. 

There are now a lot of alternative choices to plastic straws. While bamboo and steel straws can be bought for personal uses, paper straws are a great choice for restaurant and café owners as well as social gatherings. Markets are waking up to a variety of choices for the consumer’s reusability and hygiene. In case you don’t know where to start your search, try Ecotyl Stainless Steel Straws or Ecotyl Bamboo Straws that also conveniently available with cleaning brushes on These eco-friendly choices are great for regular personal use and are budget-friendly too.

Sometimes it a simple small thought could make a huge difference. Say ‘NO’ to plastic straws.


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Mohan Malla

Mohan Malla

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