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Eco-friendly natural cleaners. Vinegar, baking soda, salt, lemon and cloth. Homemade green cleaning.

If you are a dog parent and looking for some pawfectly safe and pet-healthy products, your pantry may have just the answer. Many of us don’t know that an easy ‘solution’ is in your kitchen cabinet. 

Vinegar is an indispensable cleansing agent that can come handy in a variety of ways for both pets as well as for their hooman families. According to American Kennel Club, vinegar is non-toxic and edible, which makes it quite popular with pet parents.

I found the following few ideas quite effective for my cocker spaniel, Leo. 

  • Before Leo was toilet trained, I would keep a spray bottle handy with 3:1 water to vinegar for those unexpected spills. Throwing a newspaper would do the trick but once cleaned, a light spray of this solution would simply deodorise the accident site. Dogs don’t like the smell and Leo would keep away from area. 
  • For itchy skin, add a few drops to the last mug of water when you give your pet a bath. 
  • Add a few drops of unpasteurised apple cider vinegar in his water bowl once in a while for healthy gut. 
  • Vinegar repels ticks and fleas. Use 3:1 ratio of water to vinegar if you are cleaning paws, 1:1 for spraying the dog’s coat and 3:1 if you are cleaning the floor.  But if you don’t like the sour smell and the stickiness it leaves behind, opt for vinegar-based products like SOVI Floor cleaner available easily on EarthBased. Pet-safe, non-toxic, non-sticky, environment-safe it is easy on the pocket and comes with naturally added fragrances.

(These are some suggestions for your furry friend on a regular, healthy, normal dog-day. Consult your vet if he needs immediate medical attention)

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Mohan Malla

Mohan Malla

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