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About Us

Our cofounders spent a lot more time than they intended, to adapt to a vegan and sustainable lifestyle as we were challenged with reading the fine print on labels, paying premium prices, doing extensive research, and getting nominal choices. Upon realising this is a problem faced by many, they looked at this challenge as a disguised opportunity for business and to cater to people like us.  

Hence from the beginning, we were guided by principle above all. All products on our platform are Plant-Based, Non-Toxic, 100% Cruelty-Free and Made in India. We also extend dry waste management support post-delivery. 

Our aspiration is to cater a wide range of plant-based products, in all price ranges, and appreciate even the small changes our customers are making to be more planet-friendly. We would love to hear from you, tell us what you would like to see on EarthBased and how we can support you to make the green move.  

about us

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We have created this space as a marketplace to not just find everything plant-based, but also a community-first platform which leads the way on how we function as a marketplace. We aim to be a part of more and more people’s lives in any small capacity to educate and support those who want to shift to a plant-based lifestyle. We aim to create and nurture the culture of appreciating even the smallest switch someone has made to live more ethically and consciously.  


Our Vision is to cater the widest range of plant based products that will make switching to a sustainable, cruelty free, vegan lifestyle easy and affordable. We want to show the world how a plant-based lifestyle can result in a healthy you and a healthy planet. We don’t intend on doing this by ourselves.  

 We are looking forward to building a strong community of plant-based lifestyle enthusiasts to have conversations with nutritionists, veteran vegans, sustainability experts, to understand what more can be done and what we can do to serve the community. 


Why Choose Us

 Accessible | Affordable | Alternative 

We are constantly on a mission to find more and more plant-based products catering to all aspects of life. We aspire to be selling everything from tofu to faux leather jackets.  

One-stop shop to lead an ethical lifestyle

We want to give you the freedom of shopping without having concerns about reading the fine print on ingredients or wondering if these products are animal tested. Our principles are our filters.

Social responsibility and sustainability

Indulge in a life that keeps the welfare of all living things in mind without compromising the quality of your life.

Make your health your first priority

A plant-based diet is an incredibly effective way to take care of your body. Consuming fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds have proven to be beneficial by empirical studies.

Be a part of a plant-based community

We aim to bridge the gap between manufacturers and consumers with feedback and also seek for more products that we need a swap for.

We depend on the Planet for everything.
It's time we started taking care of it

We are the generation that has been most aware of climatic shifts and collapse of the balance of nature. And have we risen to the need of the hour? Most of us have already made changes in our way of life and have educated our parents, an older family member or friends about what can be done. At EarthBased we believe every small step counts.  

Adapting a plant- based lifestyle is too often seen with an all or nothing approach. We are flexitarian and we encourage any small swap you are willing to make for a more sustainable, green, cruelty free world. Our aim is to introduce a transition where people who are unaware or apprehensive about taking the plunge into a plant-based way of life can experiment- such as introducing one or two food options into their pantry or switching to plant-based products for the household.  

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